May 6th 2011
Hey wassup guys! Warm greetings from New Zealand and big-ups :) just wanted to say how much both your music has inspired me, your work is some of the most original and soulful stuff I've heard and it's changed me as a person! Hope you guys get to read this, and I agree with Chanel a few posts down that you should defs come to New Zealand as you would love the chilled out vibes here :) I play Lazy every morning I wake up, definitely speaks to me the most haha ;) regards, Jackson

May 2nd 2011
je vous adore et Montréal aussi!

April 20th 2011
please please please come to New Zealand pete and perquisite! I have introduced your music to so many people here and everyone loves you. you should definitely come down to NZ you will love it! We are starved for good hip hop here.

March 18th 2011
i really appreciate ur muziq guyz! thanks a lot! ps btw come to beijing,i got stuck here for several months,would lbe happy to visit ur event,and i guess not only me!

February 1st 2011
Big fan! I would like to know if anyone knows what brand the burger crew neck pete philly wears in the music video Mystery Repeats is?

January 26th 2011
I really would like to learn the introduction to traveller on guitar and i cant find it tabbed anywhere. SO that would be amazing. England is loving you. Keep it coming.
Torben Traaseth

January 20th 2011
Hi, Are you guys going to have a show in Oslo, Norway any time soon?

January 14th 2011
I like your music ! I'biggest fan from JAPAN!

December 23rd 2010
Hello Pete, Your biggest fan here from Berlin! Thank You for your new album. IT'S GREAT!!!!! Love it, since the first time i heard it. Hope You come soon to Berlin. Con not expect it.....SCHIMON
Kevin Malone

December 6th 2010
Kevin from toronto here! I know canadas the least happenin place in the world, but if you guys had a show here i would be there with bells on. Also looking forward to hearing when your next big release is coming. You guys are the masters of easy-listening hip hop. One of the only good new groups i've come across, keep at it!
Maximilian from Hannover

October 13th 2010
Hay pete, come to Hannover or to Hamburg... Your songs are great!

August 31st 2010
Hey, wij moeten voor school een nederlandse muziekgroep promoten in het buitenland( of in ieder geval een idee voor een campagne opzetten) Hebben jullie daar tips voor, en zouden jullie kunnen vertellen wat voor soort fans jullie hebben, en zijn jullie eventueel geĂ¯ntereseerd om aan ons project mee te werken? Mvg, Nick

July 29th 2010
tour the U.S!! was in amsterdam when there were no shows, was pretty devastating.
Emma Ackerley

May 27th 2010
Why the hell do i not see any U.K tours? i.e Manchester? Mate you should come, London, Birmingham, Manchester all the main skate areas, you will have tons of fans! Come tour in the U.K faitful crowds, wack head people and good times!

May 24th 2010
You guys did not record the final lyrics for the Third Degree outside, did you? But great to see you using Renoise!
Markus Hamburg

May 19th 2010
hey hey hey... I just heard a few songs of ya a few days ago and now i see that you already made a final show x( I wanna see you live in Hamburg !!! please come around 4 a little concert ! i would be incredible happy ! ;)
Everlasting love

May 18th 2010
ha Pete en andere muzikanten! Ik wou even dat jullie zo`n enorme inspiratiebron voor mij zijn. Ik heb heel veel studie gedaan naar de waarheid in de wereld, en mijn conclusie nu al is, WE ARE FUCKED!! Echter, ik ben nu alleen in australie, uit de zieke maatschappij gestapt en op zoek gegaan naar mezelf etc. Jullie, mysytery repeats is fantastisch en ik ben blij met dit nummer.... Ik ga dood snel aan longkanker en dit nummer geeft mij zo`n goed gevoel, dank je wel!
Bas Tijhof

April 22nd 2010
Hey Phete & Perquisite, ik speel saxofoon en ik zou graag "Mistery Repeats" willen spelen. Ik kan allen nergens bladmuziek vinden. Zouden jullie me kunnen helpen?

April 21st 2010
just heard a few of ur songs and they're sweet will either of u ever tour the U.S?

April 19th 2010
your music is delicious, and always will be. i cannot believe that you guys are no longer together, and i've never had a chance to see you live. breaks my heart... but i'm sure you guys will individually keep the beats flowing either way. <3