All items lowered in price!

Happy 2013 everybody!
To celebrate the new year, several items in the webshop are now lowered in price! All shirts are now available for 15,- and the 'Mindstate' and 'Mystery Repeats' albums are now for sale for just 12,50. Worldwide shipping! Check all items right here!

P.S. To stay up to date of Pete's latest endeavors, visit, to stay up to date of what I'm currently doing, please visit


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Final Perquisite Show!

On december 29th at MC Theater

Pete has just dropped his solo album but mine has been out now for more then a year so that's why my tour has come to an end. On december 29th the final 'Across' show will take place in MC Theater in my hometown Amsterdam. We will play in Theater setting with my full live band and lots of special guests including Dazzled Kid, GMB, Maurino Alarcón and Robbert Scherpenisse. After the show there will be an afterparty at Toko MC with DJ PCM and Zipje & Zopje Zoundzystem (Boston Strip) who will play you the finest in Hip Hop, Bass, Dubstep & UK Funky. For tickets you go to The ticket for the show also gives you free entrance to the afterparty.
We'll start at 9:00pm sharp so be on time!
Hope to see you all there!


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Free Album, Video's, App and awards

Quick Pete update:

My first solo release was a multimedia project called 'Open Loops'.
I've just finished my upcoming album 'One' which I'm releasing after the summer.
Till then you can download, share, feedback and enjoy 'Open Loops' on PETEPHILLY.COM
The project has won a Favorite Web design, as well as the Red Dot Award.
There's also a new tour lined up, check out the dates HERE


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Our last show Thursday at the Melkweg was the best goodbye concert we could have imagined! Check out the pictures in the Get To Know section and check out the review by Oor Magazine (in Dutch only) by clicking here. Thanks to everyone that was there last night to celebrate with us and to everyone that has supported us throughout the years!

Pete & Perq


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After we created extra space for our last show in the Rabozaal of the Melkweg two weeks ago by taking out half of the chairs, we've just heard that the show is now sold out again! ...and we can't take out any more chairs, so this is it y'all!
Don't be sad though, there are still tickets available for our shows in Venlo, Zaandam, Apeldoorn, Breda, Heerlen, Leiden and Eindhoven. Hope to see you there to celebrate six years of Pete Philly & Perquisite with us!


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Perquisite wins 'Gouden Kalf'!

Totally unexpected I've won the 'Gouden Kalf' for best film music for 'Carmen van het Noorden' last Friday! Because we were playing with the Final Celebration Tour in Rotterdam at the time of the award ceremony I couldn't be there, but I heard the good news in the break of our show. Directly after the show was finished I drove to Utrecht and I've celebrated the award with the band at the festival afterparty. I'm very happy with it!


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Perquisite nominated for 'Gouden Kalf'!

Awardshow tonight!

I've been nominated for a 'Gouden Kalf' for the music I composed for the movie 'Carmen van het Noorden'! The 'Gouden Kalf' is Holland's most prestigious movie award which is given out in 17 different categorie's each year. The other nominees for music this year are Vincent van Warmerdam and Fons Merkies. The award will be handed out this Friday on the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. I'm very honoured!

The soundtrack album, featuring GMB, Duvel, Jiggy Djé, Typhoon, Sticks, Sanguita a.o. as well as two Pete & Perq songs is available in your local record store or on I-Tunes right now!


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Extra tickets available for final show!

As long as it lasts...

Because our final show in the Rabozaal, Melkweg on October 29th was sold out faster than we thought we've decided to take out the front row seats. This means there will be a limited amount of extra tickets available for the show. Hurry up though beacause we heard tickets are running fast. Hope to see you the 29th!

Also check out this short video about the Final Celebration tour (in Dutch only):


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Last show of the Final Celebration Tour = SOLD OUT!

We just heard that the last show of our Final Celebration tour in Amsterdam (Rabozaal) is sold out! There are still tickets left for upcoming Friday (Haarlem) and Sunday (Groningen) so hurry up! ;-)

Also check out these reviews of the Final Celebration Tour:
Premiere Den Haag @ 3voor12
Premiere Den Haag @ Cultuur Bewust
Performance @ Uitmarkt, Amsterdam.


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Two new video's! pictures online of the premiere!

Both Pete and I have released ill video's lately!

Check out Perquisite feat. GMB & Sanguita - Dangerous Woman which was released today:

And check out Jiggy Dje feat. Pete Philly - Ik Heb Je which is currently hitting the radio:


Also check out the pictures Thom Hofmann took of the premiere of the Final Celebration Tour in The Hague yesterday in the 'Get To Know'- section. It was of the chain! Check a review of the show (in Dutch only) right here! Wageningen coming up tomorrow!


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