Pete Philly & Perquisite live @De Laatste Show

Broadcast this monday on BRT1

This monday we'll be playing live in Belgiums # 1 Talkshow 'De Laatste Show'! The program will be broadcasted on BRT1 at 21:55h. To attend the the recordings surf to


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Mystery Repeats highest rated album in Visions Magazine!

The full writing staff of Visions Magazine, one of the biggest German music magazines, gave Mystery Repeats the highest marks from all 29 albums selected for the Soundcheck this month (8.4 - average). This means that Mystery Repeats is the very first hip hop album ever to claim the number 1 spot in the Visions Soundcheck. Besides this we're also on the front cover of this week's magazine.


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Empire released today!

Download the single + exclusive B-side now at I-Tunes

Our second single Empire has been released today all over Europe. You can download it now directly from I-Tunes together with The Bus, an exclusive new bonus-track that will be only available through I-Tunes. Click here to go there directly.
The video of the track, which is currently being shot in Tokyo by Habbekrats, will be released later this month; we’ll keep you up to date!


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