Just another update

Noroderslag/Eurosonic, May 5th concerts, Gouden Notenkraker nomination and more

Whatsup? We've just returned from a press trip to Berlin, Paris & Brussels to promote the European release of Mystery Repeats next month. All of this just after we played at Eurosonic & Noorderslag in Groningen which received a lot of positive press in the Dutch major newspapers like NRC Handelsblad, De Volkskrant & Algemeen Dagblad. So, what's new? Last week they've anounced our election as this years 'Ambassadors of Freedom' which means that we will be one of the three so called 'Helicopter-acts' that will play at this year's May 5th festival. We'll be all over the country that day so you can't miss us ;-)
We've also been nominated for a 'Gouden Notenkraker', the Dutch award from musicians for musicians. If you're a musician yourself you can vote for us at www.goudennotenkraker.nl.
Last but not least don't forget to check out the release party of rockgroup extraordinaire Voicst (Perq produced a track for their new album) this Saturday, January 19th at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. C-Mon & Kypski will perform on the main stage of the venue and Pete will join them in their special 'Circus' show so don't sleep.


Posted by Perq on January 18th 2008 | link